Bloom| A photographic study of Sølve Sundsbø





These are images from my studio photography final.  This might have been the most fun assignment I’ve ever had. We were assigned to  choose a photographer and mimic their style in the studio.  I knew I wanted something editorial, bright, and colorful.  Normally I’m more moody with my light and I’ve had problems capturing motion on the studio well, so I wanted to do something different and challenge myself.  Both of the dresses I made with bits and pieces of dresses that my friend Caiti and I picked up. I had two amazing models, Lindsey (from my Elizabeth Taylor shoot) and Lydia.  These girls were fearless!  Lydia was sewed so tightly into her dress she couldn’t sit and could barely walk and Lindsey was draped in more fabric than she knew what to do with.  Not only that, but both of them had knots in their hair that I can’t even imagine. Caiti served as hair and make-up and general behind the scenes work.  This is the second time she’s helped me out and she’s excellent.  It could be because we’ve been friends since forever, but she knows exactly what I want without me really having to tell her and then she makes it happen.  She notices the little details.   I couldn’t have done this without my amazing team!


I’m going to miss my studio class a lot.  I think, besides my photo 1 class, I’ve grown the most in this class both creatively and technically.   Thanks for a great semester, studio class!

View Sundsbø’s work here.


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