My first week at the Sentinel


Buddhist monks snap pictures by the tulips at Windmill Island on Friday, May 6.


Mike Bailey, sophomore at Holland High School, begins the relay race at West Ottowa High School on Saturday, May 7.


Jim Kelley's wife takes a picture of the damage done to her home after an elderly man drove into it. No one involved was seriously injured.


Governor Snyder enjoys Hudsonville Ice Cream on Wednesday morning, May 11, after recieving a tour of the company. Snyder was presented with two flavors that were made just for him.

I love the Sentinel already.  I’ve met some really cool people and I feel like I’ve done a semesters worth of shooting in just a week.  It’s been an adjustment and a learning process–going from one, maybe two, assignments a week to three or four a day.  I love my job!  It’s everything I ever wanted–fast-paced, exciting, challenging, creative, and full of interesting people.  This might be the best summer I’ve ever had.


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