Tom and Jo are married!

PhotobucketI was in Little Rock, Arkansas the last weekend in July  for my cousin’s wedding. Jo and Tom–your wedding was so beautiful and unique.  The settting was a gorgeous plantation full of southern class. Jo is my cousin so spending a day at work with my family–many of whom I haven’t seen in years–made this wedding even more fun for me.  It was wonderful to be a part of your wedding day, Tom and Jo.

This year I’ve started to do weddings on my own as an associate photographer with Phrene–Exquisite Photography.  Last summer I worked with Phrene, helping her with engagement shoots and a few weddings and also managing her blog.  She has taught me so much–both technically and also professionally–and I wouldn’t be shooting weddings without her.  Photographing weddings has been an adventure and such a blessing; I couldn’t have asked for a better start.

This will be the only wedding image I blog here for now, but if you’re interested in more of my work as a wedding photographer, you can see my portfolio here (under galleries) and some of my more recent work on the blog.


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