Moving Day

Joe Fontaine takes a moment to glance out the window while his bird, Gray Cloud, rests on his shoulder, before leaving his apartment of 14 years. Fontaine moved out of Morton House Apartments on Thursday, August 12; everyone living in the 199 rented units has until August 31st to move out. 

I had the opportunity to shadow Cory Morse at the Grand Rapids Press today and learned a lot from watching and shooting with him.  Cory is a fantastic photojournalist and I really admire his work and his attitude as a photographer and a journalist, so it was great to get some one-on-one time and advice for what to do after I’m done at the Sentinel.  I also got to meet some wonderful people helping out mentally ill poor and homeless in the Grand Rapids area.  I’ll be posting a photo story of this soon, but in the meantime, check out Servants Center

This is why I love what I do.


Memorial Day


Leon Scholten sits on a park bench on eighth street on Monday morning, May 30, waiting for the Memorial Day parade to begin. Scholten served in Europe for two and a half years during World War II.

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Brothers Dominik (left), 9, and Aiden (right), 7, place a flag at a veteran's grave on Saturday morning, May 8. The boy scouts met at Pilgrim Home Cemetery to put a flag at every veteran's grave.

(Holland Sentinel photos)

Springtime at the Sentinel


Riley Hopp, 8, pokes holes in a mound of dirt to plant squash seeds while Kyndal Bennett, 8, brushes dirt off her hands.

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Anahi Romero, 8, looks at her newly painted face while Brianna Wynn holds up a mirror.  Wynn was a volunteer at the Park Party in Rosa Parks Green on Thursday, May 19.

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Holland Sentinel photo

My first week at the Sentinel


Buddhist monks snap pictures by the tulips at Windmill Island on Friday, May 6.


Mike Bailey, sophomore at Holland High School, begins the relay race at West Ottowa High School on Saturday, May 7.


Jim Kelley's wife takes a picture of the damage done to her home after an elderly man drove into it. No one involved was seriously injured.


Governor Snyder enjoys Hudsonville Ice Cream on Wednesday morning, May 11, after recieving a tour of the company. Snyder was presented with two flavors that were made just for him.

I love the Sentinel already.  I’ve met some really cool people and I feel like I’ve done a semesters worth of shooting in just a week.  It’s been an adjustment and a learning process–going from one, maybe two, assignments a week to three or four a day.  I love my job!  It’s everything I ever wanted–fast-paced, exciting, challenging, creative, and full of interesting people.  This might be the best summer I’ve ever had.

Tulips Mark a New Start


Vaughn Jozwiak, 5, from Chicago, stoops to smell the blooming tulips at the corner or 8th and Central on Monday, March 24. Jozwiak’s family stopped in Holland on their way home after visiting with family over the holiday weekend. (Holland Sentinel Photo)

Today was my orientation/first day at the Holland Sentinel.  I love it already.  I spent most of the day feature hunting and learning my way around downtown Holland, but I can’t wait until this is what I do every week. Summer can’t come soon enough!